Safety Culture

The Risk is Real. Safety is Everyone’s Business.

Priorities can change and shift, but a culture that holds safety as a value is timeless and unwavering. Caring for and protecting people is at the heart of DECCO’s safety philosophy. We recognize the inherent dangers in our work and believe every accident is avoidable through proactive planning, training, and awareness.

We are proud of our industry-leading safety programs that focus on communication, planning, and investment. 

The DECCO Safety Mission

A company-wide commitment to being INCIDENT & INJURY FREE

  • We are intolerant of any incident or injury and promote a culture of Safety Accountability From Everyone (SAFE).
  • We believe all partners have intrinsic worth and are valued and respected for who they are.
  • We do not live and work safely to be compliant, we do so because of a deep belief in the concept of no incidents and no injuries.
  • We consider relationships to be the foundation of all accomplishments. Making connections, both professionally and personally, defines our success.
  • We commit to an incident and injury-free workplace because we want to send everyone home safely to their family every day.
DECCO Safe Brand

How We Achieve Our Mission

Safety Management System (SMS) – DECCO utilizes a systematic approach to achieving acceptable levels of safety risk. SMS is comprised of four functional components, including an intangible, but always critical, aspect called safety culture.

Safety Policy— Establishes senior management’s commitment to continually improve safety; defines the methods, processes, and organizational structure needed to meet safety goals.

Safety Risk Management— Determines the need for, and adequacy of, new or revised risk controls based on the assessment of acceptable risk.

Safety Assurance— Evaluates the continued effectiveness of implemented risk control strategies; supports the identification of new hazards.

Safety Promotion— Includes training, communication, and other actions to create a positive safety culture within all levels of the workforce.

  • ABC National, STEP Award: Safety Training Excellence Program
  • ABC National, AQC Status: Accredited Quality Contractor
  • ABC Massachusetts, Safety: Loss Ratio Under 10%
  • ABC New Hampshire/Vermont, Safety: Loss Ratio Under 10%
  • ABC New Hampshire/Vermont, Safety: Best 11-point Safety Program
  • ABC New Hampshire/Vermont, 1st Place Construction Safety: Over 300,000 MH Accident Free

The Results of Our Safety Mission

We believe that focusing on our safety effort rather than our safety record is a more powerful way to drive a culture of safety at DECCO. To have an effective safety program, we must focus on our people, this builds a strong safety culture that influences our safety record.

DECCO has received accolades from industry and agencies in recognition of our safety performance. We consistently log hundreds of thousands of work hours and maintain an Experienced Modification Rate (EMR) well below the industry average (1.0).

By focusing on partner training, detailed safety communications, and developing a culture of Safety Accountability From Everyone (SAFE) we will achieve our goal to be Incident and Injury Free.

Edwin Jones is our Senior Director of Environmental, Health & Safety. Under Edwin’s leadership, our team of safety professionals provides oversight of DECCO’s EH&S program with a focus on proactive communications and the promotion of a safety culture.