3D Laser Scanning & Virtual Design Solutions

An innovation leader since 1934, DECCO captures precise measurements by utilizing high-speed, state-of-the-art, 3D laser scanning technology that delivers reliable geospatial information.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology enables DECCO to provide 3D scanned models and point clouds in order to integrate piping models and skidded systems into “virtual” client spaces that support building information models (BIM). Offered as a stand-alone service or integrated with our construction processes where it enables us to produce accurate pre-fabrication packages that minimize installation costs and reduce overall schedule duration.

Our team will work with you to understand your project needs to deliver an innovative and customized solution with next-generation technology.


Our Capabilities Include:

  • Capture accurate as-built conditions for documentation, design, construction, renovation, utility installations, and facility modifications.
  • Concrete scanning and infrastructure assessments to locate and document existing conduits, utilities, rebar, and other components.
  • Site scanning to provide an accurate report on floor levelness/flatness and wall plumpness.
  • Clash detection, prefabrication, and mitigation.
  • Perform comprehensive data analysis.
  • Provide 3D models to illustrate how our custom skid models fit within a client’s facility. The model facilitates field tie-in requirements easing installation and minimizing unexpected delays.
  • Piping system design.
  • Scanned data can be exported into our clients’ preferred software such as; AutoDesk, Navisworks, REVIT, Rhino 3D, and SolidWorks.

Contact us below to learn how Trimble’s X7 3D Laser Scanning System allows us to streamline your next project with our customized solutions.