About Decco

The DECCO Difference

As one of New England’s first to apply advanced welding technologies for bio-pharmaceutical process systems we wrote the welding standards for validated piping systems still being utilized today by the FDA and BPE. DECCO continues to be New England’s leading provider of GMP installations for FDA-validated pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities. Our resume boasts multiple national award-winning installations and over 4,000 FDA-validated projects that provide life-saving medicines and treatments to patients around the world.

Our roots as one of the largest coal conveyor system installers in the early 20th century have evolved to today’s advanced co-generation plants. Our work supporting co-generation facilities has earned us three National Awards of Excellence for the installation of power/ utility systems.

Safety Commitment and Culture

Priorities can change and shift, but a culture that holds safety as a value is timeless and unwavering. Caring for and protecting people is at the heart of DECCO’s safety “philosophy” where we recognize the inherent dangers in our work. We stand firm in our belief that every incident is avoidable through proactive planning, training, and awareness. Our nationally awarded safety program includes:

  • Pre-task Risk Assessments
  • Daily Toolbox Talks
  • Safe Plans of Action
  • Company-issued PPE includes hard hat, safety glasses, high-vis apparel, personal fall protection, cut-resistant gloves, and safety-toe footwear
  • Cordless Tooling
  • Third-Party Safety Inspections
  • Pre-Hire Screening
  • Daily Stretch and Flex Activities


Quality Management Systems

  • BPE Compliant Standard operational procedures
  • BPE Board Members
  • ASME Board Members
  • Professional Engineers
  • Vessel Fabrication Code Stamps U, R, and S
  • Proprietary Electronic Turnover Packages.
  • ASME-certified welding services for pressure vessel modifications and repairs
  • Nationally Certified Weld Inspectors
    • AWS / CWIs
    • Level 2 Weld Inspection
    • ASNT NDE Level 11
  • FDA-Compliant Weld Inspection Programs
  • cGMP-Trained Field Trades and Supervision
  • Member International BPE “Standards Committee”
DECCO serves clients in the region's most technically challenging industries, including:
  • Biopharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Industrial Mechanical Systems
  • Microelectronics & Semiconductor
  • Food & Beverage
  • Power & Energy
  • Emerging Technologies
Unsurpassed Quality. Unwavering Professionalism.
In an independent survey of over 300 construction users, DECCO was overwhelmingly cited as the highest-quality, value-added mechanical contractor in the Northeast.
Setting Standards. Exceeding Expectations.
  • Dedicated Project Teams with Years of Shared Project Experience
  • Proprietary Project Management Systems
  • Productivity Tracking Programs
  • BPE-Compliant Standard Operating Procedures
  • Integrated 3-D Design and BIM Modeling Pipe Fabrication
  • Federally Approved Apprentice Training Program
  • Award-Winning Safety Program
  • Flexible Staffing and Scheduling