DECCO Craft Training

The DECCO Craft Training Center offers lifelong learning opportunities for participants who choose careers in construction.

DECCO Weld School

Pipe welding is at the heart of what we do.  Our DECCO Weld School operates in the evenings and is offered to all DECCO employees; whether they are just starting their career and are interested in learning about the welding profession, or a veteran of the trade that is interested in practicing advanced welding procedures or maintaining a certification. Staffed with professional, certified pipe welders and welding inspectors, all welding equipment and materials are made available to support participants in learning or perfecting the skill of welding.

DECCO Apprentice Program

DECCO’s federally-registered apprentice programs for both pipefitting and plumbing were created to support the development of local talent and interest in careers in construction and the trades. All of our pipefitter and plumbing apprentices are required to participate annually in 150 hours of related technical training for the duration of the apprenticeship—this is completed in the evenings in our Brookline, New Hampshire office or at our satellite location in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

DECCO Boot Camp

Our investment in DECCO employees’ future doesn’t just begin with our nationally-accredited Apprentice Program. It begins with an intensive four-week “pre-apprentice” program we call DECCO Boot Camp.    Boot Camp includes 160 hours of training at our Brookline, New Hampshire and Chelmsford, Massachusetts facilities to assure a partner who is seeking a career in construction is given the tools and instruction they need to be successful.

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