Our People

Performance Matters Because We Earn It Everyday.

The awards and the industry recognition mentioned within is a testament to the men and women who have chosen to share their careers with us here at DECCO. As one of the largest mechanical contractors in the Northeast we work hard to attract and retain the “best of the best” and we’re honored and privileged that those people seek us out as well. In addition, we proudly boast that of the 100+ field trades we employ- our average “years of service” is 10+ years!

The merit-shop philosophy extends throughout our organization where you are rewarded based on personal merit, qualifications, and performance. America was built on these principles and so are we!

Our training and development programs foster growth. Beginning with our Federally-approved Apprenticeship program (which consistently produces National Medal winners in competitions across America) to our Platinum-level STEP program (ABC’s “Safety and Training Evaluation Process”) to our Career-Path program which guides everyone as high up into the organization as their skills and work ethic can take them.

We continually seek out those in the industry that share our values. If you think you have what it takes and are ready to build a rewarding career for yourself, step up and contact us about opportunities. Remember, at DECCO—Performance Matters Because We Earn It Everyday!