DECCO Boot Camp

DECCO’s Apprentice Program commences with our intensive pre-apprentice Boot Camp.

Our investment in DECCO employee-partners’ future doesn’t just begin with our nationally-accredited Apprentice Program. It begins with an intensive three-week “pre-apprentice” program we call Boot Camp. Boot Camp includes 120 hours of training at our Brookline, NH facility, the Tim Barton Center for Craft Excellence, to assure a partner who is seeking a career in construction is given the tools and instruction they need to be successful.

Our trainers cover various concepts, including the following:

  • Safety Protocols
  • Introduction to Drawings
  • Construction Math
  • Introduction to Piping Systems
  • Introduction to Power Tools
  • Orbital Welding
  • PVC and Copper
  • Various construction assignments such as pressure testing, hangers, cutting and grinding, and basic rigging.
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